Terms Of Service

1. FusedServers provides you with a wide array of Web Hosting solutions that are unique and well defined. They provide several products and facilities that allow their clients to connect, publish and do business on the internet by utilizing the numerous features made available. Every client is eligible to pay a nominal fee to FusedServers in return of utilizing this remarkable opportunity through their site.

2. GO THROUGH the terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement that outlines the limitations of your using FusedServers services and products. FusedServers may tend to reform this agreement at any point of time considering the needs. The changes made take immediate effect and clients would be notified through conventional mails, electronic mails or even facsimiles. Your continual usage of FusedServers after the notification of changes would be considered as your acceptance to the modification(s) made.

3. FusedServers allows you the permission to make use and portray the FusedServers software and services on the designated servers making use of this FusedServers service through a non-transferable and non-exclusive license. All the software and services of FusedServers are under the ownership of FusedServers and the organization and structure consists of important trade policies of FusedServers.

4. Soliciting, Name Harvesting and Advertising: Clients may not make use of FusedServers services to endorse promotional materials, unsolicited advertising, or any other petitioning to other Clients until you receive a written permission from the current Client. While using FusedServers you may not make use or promote screen name of different Clients, without having the prior acknowledgement of the Client. It is the right of FusedServers to prevent the flow of any mass solicitation of mails via FusedServers services.

5. Internet Conduct: In general, the Internet is filled with several areas like those of Newsgroups, emails, FTP, World Wide Web and many others. It is in no way operated or regulated by FusedServers or its affiliates; it is completely separate, and has an independent computer network, which is not linked to FusedServers at all. Using the Internet is absolutely the users discretion. Internet has its own code of conduct, which should be followed by the client while they are using it to their benefit. Maintaining to the restrictions is just common sense. Even though the FusedServers has no control over the Internet, your involvement in the internet while using FusedServers, is regulated by the rules of FusedServers. Since, it is the necessity of FusedServers to remain good citizen on Internet; it may prevent its client from performing certain activities, while using FusedServers services, like the following: Chain Mails: Forwarding Chain Mails on FusedServers network and Internet are both prohibited. Usage of such spam activities may result in FusedServers services and the site to be terminated.

A. Commercial Communication: Majority of the Mailing lists and Newsgroups over the Internet are of non-commercial nature, and individuals participating in these groups may not agree to advertising, soliciting or commercial postings there.

B. Other Inappropriate Posting: Every other mailing Lists and Newsgroups have an agenda of their own, beyond which they do not wish to engage. Thus while participating it is the responsibility of the client to make sure that they adhere to all the cultural specifications, guidelines and themes that are available. Thus, distribution or posting of inappropriate materials through your site may result in your FusedServers site being terminated or suspended.

C. Proprietary Materials and Copyrights: While making use of the information provided on the internet, one must be aware of the fact that they are governed by trademarks, secrets of trade, copyright and other regulations of independent parties or other licensers, ho bring forward such content on the internet. Your use of such information would be subject to various restrictions placed on the content by their licensors or owners according to the Rights of applicable regulations and laws. Making use of any such content or trying copyright without the authority of the owner concerned may be considered to be violation of law, subject to criminal charges and even termination of the FusedServers account.

D. Objectionable and Offensive materials: FusedServers has the sole authority to request the removal of any offensive material on your account, which may be considered to be offending, harmful or otherwise offensive by FusedServers. On failing to adhere to this regulation your account may be terminated on grounds of FusedServers account breach of Agreement.

F. This is a list of items FusedServers does not allow you to host, any account found hosting them will be terminated without the possibility of refund, full or partial.
Proxies or Proxy service
None-legal Adult content
illegal or stolen scripts (warez)
e-mail farms
Spamming or spam services
You should understand that other than products, contents or services available at the FusedServers web site, neither FusedServers nor any of the site's affiliate operates, provides, controls or may be responsible for any goods, contents or features made available over the Internet. All such goods, contents and features are made available n the Internet through independent parties and are in no way part of FusedServers or regulated by FusedServers. FusedServers neither sanctions nor may be responsible for reliability or accuracy of the goods, contents and features available on the internet, which are absolute responsibility of other parties, and thus should be taken care of at individuals own risk. Neither FusedServers nor their affiliates may be held liable or responsible directly or even indirectly for any damage or loss caused to your site by your reliance over any goods, services and contents available over the Internet or any particular site on the internet. All the instructions in this paragraph may be applied with equal effectiveness on any site that is displayed through the FusedServers services and features.

You must be aware of the fact that the internet consists of several goods, services and contents that one may find vulgar, harmful or offensive to other individuals, or minor person on the internet. It must be clearly understood that FusedServers does not have the authority to monitor or keep track of such traffic on the Internet that may be questionable according to the rules. Furthermore, it should be known to you that users who are not part of FusedServers may also visit the sites and even carry out activities which may considered inappropriate or breach of FusedServers agreement. Thus, it is your discretion to maintain and take responsibility for any goods, services and contents passing through your site, as it is specifically disclaimed by FusedServers and affiliates.

Your usage of the Internet may be subject to every applicable international, national, state and local regulations and laws, without degrading the rights of FusedServers. FusedServers would retain the rights but not obligation, in the sites absolute discretion and without liability or prior notification, to prevent or/and terminate your individual access to FusedServers or the Internet, if the usage of Internet is violating any of the regulations and laws. All prohibitions against your conduct in accordance with the Internet brought up in this Paragraph may inhibit or restrict any separate user from enjoying their usage of FusedServers or Internet.